Guile Documentá version 0.2.1

Generate API documentation for GNU Guile Scheme projects.


❶ Document your source code in Texinfo format (see an example).

❷ Extract the documentation with Guile Documentá.

# Save API documentation of "some-package" to doc/api/index.texi (default)
documenta api path/to/some-package

❸ Include the generated API docs in the main Texinfo file of your project documentation. For example:

@include api/index.texi
❹ Build your project documentation (using texi2any, for example).

Check out Guile Documentá API documentation for an example of the structure of the generated documentation.


Guile Documentá can be installed on any GNU/Linux device using the GNU Guix package manager and luis-felipe-x (my personal Guix channel). For example, to try out the software without affecting your personal environment:

# Clone the channel to a temporary directory
cd /tmp
git clone luis-felipe-x
# Start a Guix shell providing guile-documenta
guix shell -L luis-felipe-x guile guile-documenta
# Now you can use the "documenta" program

Eventually, Guile Documentá will be available from Guix's official channel and the installation will be simply:

guix install guile guile-documenta


You can send any questions or feedback by email to the maintainer.