Guile Probá version 0.3.1

Guile Probá is a set of testing tools for GNU Guile projects with SRFI 64-based test suites.


Guile Probá can discover all the tests defined in a directory and run them automatically as part of the project test suite. For example:

        # Run the test suite defined in the "tests" folder.
        proba run tests

The previous command results in something like this:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1. Brief report of running the test suite of a project using the command-line interface.

Alternatively, you can use Probá's API to run the command. For example:

        # Run guile in your project's directory.

        ;; The Guile REPL starts...

        ;; Import Probá's commands module.
        (use-modules (proba commands))

        ;; Run the test suite defined in the "tests" folder.
        (run "tests" #:log-path "/tmp/bogus-test-suite.log")

Which results in something like this:

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2. Brief report of running a test suite from a Guile REPL.


Guile Probá can be installed on any GNU/Linux device using the GNU Guix package manager as follows:

guix install guile guile-proba info-reader
The info-reader package provides the info help viewer, which you can use to browse Guile Probá's manual locally. To view the manual:
info guile-proba

It can happen that Guix doesn't offer the latest version of Guile Probá yet. In that case, you can try it out from my Guix channel as follows:

        # Clone the channel to a temporary directory.
        cd /tmp
        git clone luis-felipe-x

        # Start a Guix shell providing guile-proba.
        guix shell -L luis-felipe-x guile guile-proba info-reader

        # Check that it worked.
        proba --help


You can send any questions or feedback by email to the maintainer.