Mazo version 1.2.0

Mazo is a learning application that helps you memorize simple concepts using multimedia flash cards and spaced reviews.

Screenshot. Reviewing cards in a deck of bird species.
Photograph: Eolophus roseicapilla by JJ Harrison. License CC BY-SA 3.0.


❶ Create a deck
❷ Add multimedia cards (text, images, audio)
❸ Start a study session
❹ Study cards pending review
❺ Check your progress
❻ Repeat periodically until you master the deck


Mazo can be installed on any GNU/Linux device using the GNU Guix package manager as follows:

guix install mazo

It can happen that Guix doesn't offer the latest version of Mazo yet. In that case, you can try it out from my Guix channel as follows:

cd /tmp
git clone
guix shell -L guix-channel-x


You can send any questions or feedback by email to the maintainer.